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Your contribution to the cause of democracy and humanity around the world keeps adding currency to the quest to find solutions for a better world. The Kenneth Kaunda Africa Center for Human Rights and Democracy will serve as a panacea for the ills plaguing the continent’s leadership and governance in the 21″ century. To bring this initiative to a tangible fruition, we are mobilizing resources for this work.

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Firstly we speak of direct democracy: where political decisions and the Government of the country is made by the whole body of citizens. - The Future of Democracy in Africa

Social Care

This creed of ‘love your neighbour’ is ‘across colour’; your neighbour is ‘across tribe’, and your neighbour is ‘across anything’. - HIS EXCELLENCY DOCTOR KENNITH KAUNDA AND GEOFFERY CLIFTON BROWN MP On: ‘A Speech and Conversation With Geoffrey Clifton Brown MP’ 8th June 2009

Justice for All

Can America still end only with declaration of support for the principles of freedom and racial justice?- Kaunda: ‘Dismayed’ by America